A12 Civil works - South Holland

For the Province of South Holland IGG provided budgets and cost control for the extensive works for the construction of a service road adjacent to the A12.  The project also included for not only the construction and widening but had to take into account a large number of  listed buildings and structures involved so costed alternatives had to be prepared in conjunction with Rijkswaterstaat.

A12 Civil works
A12 Civil works
A12 Civil works


Opdrachtgever : Province of South Holland
Functie(s) : Government, Infrastructural
Bouwsoort :
Architect : South Holland Authority/ Grontmij
Oplevering : 2015
Opdrachtomschrijving : IGG provides full cost and budgetary control
Aard van de opdracht : Building costs control, Second opinion @en, SSK @en
Periode : 2014 - 2015

IGG Projectteam

Arno Vonk
Arno Vonk
Ton de Groot
Ton de Groot
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A12 Civil works

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