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IGG Bointon de Groot for many years has had an exceptionally active role in cost control and budgetary management throughout the Netherlands. The range and scope of projects undertaken is impressively diverse with clients from all sectors. From  Governmental and provincial authorities  to infrastructure bodies, which include railways, metros, Schiphol airport including tunnels, bridges etc.. Within the private and pension fund sector our involvement has been in office, housing blocks, shopping centres as well as retro fitting, conversions, modernisation all of which all part of our portifolio. In recent year we have seen many international companies and other EU national entities who on requiring professional advice have come to IGG as the obvious choice.

From the buttons below you may select various project categories with which we have been involved and provided professional advice.  Each project has detail of our profession engagement and the work undertaken.

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Overzicht in projectgroep: Government

Renovation of the Nederlandse Bank building

Dam Palace Amsterdam

Renovation of Leidschendam Town Hall

Town hall expansion

Asylum seekers centre

Leidschendam Municipality rehousing

Police station at Lansingerland

Konrad Adenauer Luxemburg

Fire station at Rijndijk

Delft town hall

Rotterdam town hall area

A12 Civil works

South Holland

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IGG Bointon de Groot is an active partner in the built environment. IGG follows
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