Construction fees

If you are planning a new project or want to expand an existing building you will in most cases have to obtain a permit from the local municipality. In the Netherlands to pay construction fees and the other associated charges connected with the issuance of the license there are calculations to be made based on the cost of the projected works.

These fees varies from municipality to municipality as there is no set national charge scale. As the charges can change each year it is important to be aware of what the level is in each authority’s area and this current cost database defines these charges avoiding surprises. from unexpected costs. IGG’s programme avoid this uncertainty and therefore  by using this free online application the construction fee for every Dutch municipality can be calculated from current accurate information..

Clarity about construction fees

Construction cost consultancy and budget management are at the core of the expertise of IGG’s services. Our team is committed to maximum accuracy concerning these costs and this simple arrangement ensured that you know the costs precisely.

The  IGG  programme is based on an annual analysis of the construction fees of all municipalities throughout the Netherlands. The rates are compared and are the basis of national and provincial reports available  to individuals and companies  and are provided to all authorities to demonstrate how they perform compared  with their statutory obligations. Because of our expertise in this area we advise a number of municipalities on the cost effectiveness of the construction fees they charge. The Netherlands government also records empty properties in each area and there are charges related to that number which can add a  further  cost,  the amount of which can be calculated.

Calculating the Municipality charges

To calculated these charges  go to where you can follow the easy to use menu to ascertain these costs. Simple inputs and details of the project and identifying the local authority will result in the calculated costs being portrayed. This free costing tool covers alll Dutch municipalities.

Kostendekkendheid van de tarieventabel

Cost-effectiveness of the Tariff

Municipalities should cost recovery tariff system to handle. This requires a detailed calculation of costs and benefits to be drawn. IGG can assist municipalities in preparing these calculations. Click here for more information on cost-effectiveness.
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Gemeenten dienen een kostendekkend tarievenstelsel te hanteren. Hiervoor dient een uitgebreide berekening van de kosten en baten te worden opgesteld. IGG kan gemeenten helpen bij het opstellen van deze berekeningen. Klik hier voor meer informatie over kostendekkendheid.

Controle legesgrondslag

Gemeenten hanteren over het algemeen de bouwkosten als legesgrondslag , berekend volgens NEN 2631. Over de hoogte van de bouwkosten is bij een vergunningverlening vaak nog enige discussie omdat een aanvrager gebaat is bij een lagere grondslag, immers hoeft de aanvrager dan minder leges te betalen. IGG heeft enkele tools ontwikkeld om gemeenten bij te staan bij het bereken en onderbouwen van de werkelijke bouwkosten. De mogelijkheden zijn bouwkostencheck en controle op de legesgrondslag.

Heeft u behoefte aan meer informatie over de bouwleges, of wilt u directe toegang hebben tot relevante jurisprudentie en legesverordeningen? Met een abonnement op heeft u alle publicaties en data op een plek binnen handbereik. Voor eventuele vragen kunt u natuurlijk direct contact opnemen met het team van IGG.


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