Construction cost check

Fees for a building permits in the Netherlands are based on construction costs as specified by the applicant. The problem is how does the municipality check that the costs claimed are correct? Checking the accuracy of given cost is time consuming, specialised work and is therefore often omitted.

To check with Construction  costs check, our online program for the calculation of construction costs, the realistic cost of construction is given quickly and is subject to an automatic check on the validity of the f igures presented.

The programme goes beyond simple control indicators, making the bandwidth of the results is much narrower than would be derived in the normal controls. The input consists mainly of the definition of the type and shape of the proposed works. This  results in budget level elemental costs which enables the municipality to substantiate a typical cost where they have none.  This accurate presentation of realistic costs is helpful in the level of fees to be charged. The use by municipalities of our sister programmes provides a mutual balance for the correct level of charges to the benefits of both can easily substantiate its position.

Clarity about construction fees

Construction costs Check assists  the municipality building control applications department with a result being derived within 10 to 30 minutes to within  an acceptable bandwidth. Interestingly the municipalities accept the results derived and seldom query them as the record of accuracy and reliability has been a great advantage to users of this programme and for our part the database used is coupled  to the price book used for our other programmes so we present and provide the best figures available anywhere with in the sector.

Municipality cost checks

IGG is so familiar with this process that they are able to advise the authorities how to run and control their fee charging and calculating methods. The symbiosis between our understanding and methods is invaluable and it worth investigation at an early stage. For the municipalities we are able to advise them in setting up a scheme to process these applications in an efficient and cost effective way and of course meeting their statutory obligations to charge the correct amount and neither under or overcharge. An interesting balance!

For municipalities there is information on  empty property regulations and for others who would like a subscription to the Construction cost check database  or to contact the team at IGG click here.


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