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The advice on construction from IGG is based on a detailed and multifaceted knowledge base. Our experience in providing construction consulting, planning vision and other facets of construction projects is evolving continuously and the accumulated knowledge gained has provided a solid foundation for our various products and publications. Thanks to this unique record and understanding we are able to impart this knowledge in the certainly that is is accurate and trustworthy.
The powerful online software from IGG allows you to use our simple computational methodologies yet derive accurate and current answers that you require.



Do you have acurate current costs?  The series of books and online products covering buildings, civils and installations from IGG  offers you the unique oportunity to gain this information in an easily accessible form. You then cam proceed knowing that you can make the right choices foryour project.

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Do you want to effectively anticipate the cost of your building project? Construction costs buildings gives you a clear indication of current costs and enables, you with some accuracy to predict the cost of your project. Like a building you know  that good foundations also apply to your computations not just the building



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Our active gleaning of construction costs has enabled us over many years create accurate records . This record is applied to our various published indices enabling accurate fluctuation to be recorded  and monitored. Apart from publishing a 1/4ly index you can observe trends over periods which you have  selected.

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An ingenious monitoring of planning fee charges from each municipality (which can vary considerably) are built into this programme so by analyseing these charges so we can calculte the that the fees you have been charged are correct.(For Dutch municipalities only).


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The level opf planning and building fees charged are accessed on the value of the works entailed. This efficient programme enable you with a few accutate inputs to calculate the current cost upon which these charges should be based. (For Dutch municipalities only)


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