Second opinion

A client is always in need of financial security. During a design process a client will use various professional advisers but sometimes projects are so large or complex that a client wants additional assurance for safeguarding his investment. Occasionally a client may feel uncertain about the advice they have been given and need reassurance that the estimate they have been presented with is realistic in the current market conditions. In these cases a second opinion on the construction or investment advice given may be wise.

As we are heavily and very directly involved in the construction market in many diverse ways we are exceptionally well placed to overview advice and give a second opinion.  IGG is often asked to perform this service and their opinion is much respected. Our expertise is not just cost control but an acute and clear understanding of the market and technical details of construction and investment. For a second opinion of cost estimates, the following activities are typically undertaken:

  • Quick scan of the budget at implementation level to test the completeness and overall price level of  the available data;
  • Monitoring of the quantities of the largest cost components;
  • Control of standards, prices and offer prices in the budget presented;
  • Assessment of the total budget in relation to the current market;
  • Assessment of the composition and size of the General Implementation;
  • Assessment of the technical development in relation to the budget;
  • The preparation of a complete schedule against the budget;
  • The preparation of a risk analysis of the estimate;
  • The preparation of optimization proposals;
  • Explaining the results of the second opinion and conducting negotiations with the exporting Party.

It is clear that there is very diverse range of options and if you are at a stage where you think you may need a second opinion you probably do!

Please do contact us as we can quickly analyse your situation and advise accordingly. For us this is a very regular undertaking so we can be clear and concise for your options. IGG’s contacts are a sure route to the correct answer.



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