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Are you planning to construct an office building? Would you like it on time and on budget? It may sound like a silly question but offices have  become more complex because of regulations and customer requirements which vary with the intended use. Factors like location play a role as do choices for high/low rise, parking, access, multi tenant, IT systems etc. Not many building owners want to show their lack of commitment to sustainability so whole life-cycle costs and future planning are all important factors indeed ‘future proofing’ requires an imaginative and dynamic overview. IGG have been involved with office construction and development since 1988 and whereas new build has become a rarity strip-out , refurbishments, change of use and convertible buildings – all unknown several years ago and very much part of mainstream  office construction. Our exceptionally varied experience and expertise in the field of office construction is, we believe without parallel and available to you, to make your project a success.

Easy online office cost calculator

Our product online Construction  (Dutch) and  gives you a handy  overview of the construction cost for various office configurations and styles and lets you generate some idea of likely cost by introducing various options. This enables you to create and test alternatives with an immediate update of potential costs.

Integral advice from IGG

One of the specialities of IGG is what we term integrated advice. Managing the construction cost of your office is not just a matter of addition and multiplication, effective control requires a proactive approach. Our team is therefore is not limited to just calculations but brings into the equation  many other factors which you need to consider and then can present you with options and their likely effect on the budget. By working seamlessly with our dedicated team we can help you work towards your goals advising you as the project develops offering an interactive and dynamic approach which will help you refine and eventually decide on your project, precisely.

Better understanding of office construction?

One of the secrets of our process is our extensive interactive database which we have constructed and maintain with current costs. Because of the volume of offices with which we have been concerned we have developed teams which have a strong hands-on understanding of not only what is required but what is possible!  This is an area where the sophistication of our software has proven to be a real asset and as we add in more features so we can generate even more answers. Whenever you consider a development contact us, we can advise you right from your initial concept and show you how you can enhance your  project with good accurate advice and be guided to a situation where you clearly have the quality information to enable you to decide to proceed – or not!
If you would like to know more about our professional advice with a special emphasis on offices services contact us at IGG.  For the non-Dutch client our hands on experience and knowledge of the Netherlands market is invaluable.  Remember the right advice is cheap!


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