Land development

The exceptionally high costs of land and regulatory delays and therefore costs have put the viability of the development of land under extreme pressure. Whereas in the past increasing land values provided a certainty and a cushion the feasibility of many projects have become much more marginal. EU  and National regulation and changes in planning and zoning laws make the whole are of development less uncertain. Land development requires a very clear understanding of the latest situation and small unintended changes can overnight reduce the viability of projects. This understanding has become an area of expertise for IGG for some time and our track record is outstanding. As we have been actively involved in detailed feasibility studies for many clients we have many good, tried and tested ideas and often can make several multi layered suggestions so help you.

Land development Law

The Land Development Law abbreviated as Grexwet, is part of the Spatial Planning Act of July 1, 2008. The Land Development Law provides municipalities with statutory instruments to tax development and landowners to create a substantial revenue scheme for themselves. It has had a very negative effect on the whole sector. The complexities and detail  of these regulations can be a complete nightmare and the intention to clarify and codify planning actually makes the need for real experts evermore important. That is us!

Operational plan

The law requires an ‘Operating plan’ to be prepared by the municipality which must obtain approval from the council. The plan includes a calculation of the operating tax charge which the landowner must pay. The costs that the municipality may charge is complicated and is set out in the Decree on Spatial Planning (BRO). This charge, often substantial must be paid for at the time of  the application for the building permit.

A crisp and clear plan!

For non-Dutch companies and individuals this procedure will  need clear and specific guidance and advice. A plan sequencing all parts in order and laying out the requirements is essential. Would you like to know more?  Do you want guidance about the possibilities of drafting a business plan? IGG has the experience and experts to advise you right from the first instance we can gladly advise and often can make suggestions for options and alternatives you may find interesting.

Do contact us our advisers will be delighted to help you; contact IGG.

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