Instant figures for construction costs

Construction and development projects are unique so the objectives, working methods, building systems and materials vary greatly from project to project. There is no set model and rarely can universal estimates be made about the cost of projects – each project is different.
The differences however do not mean that construction projects cannot be compared with each other as the cost variations can be checked in other ways. Architects, contractors and other interested parties can use the cost tables we produce to give a realistic indication of current construction costs quickly and easily. Want to have a better idea of your construction costs? This may be your answer.

Quick check of costs

IGG’s product Construction costs was developed to help you control costs. Current, accurate and versatile it is presented in an easy format that logically leads you on the right path so by using it you can save time by focusing directly on the underlying cost of your project. Construction costs provides an overview of the most recent construction cost indices for various projects, so you always have the right information at your disposal. Try BouwkostenKompas for the Netherlands and also  – you will soon see how this ingenious programme can help you.

Easy build up of costs

Construction projects are modular – each of the project’s component parts contribute to the overall cost. The way the figures in Bouwkostenkompas work is by assembling these parts to give the overall total picture. This also means components can be changed and modified to give a better representation of the project you are reviewing. It is from the long experience of IGG that we are firstly able to obtain these figures and secondly compile them in a meaningful, useful way. It is not by chance that some 1600 construction professionals in the Netherlands use this programme and as it is improved and updated on an ongoing basis it is respected as being an accurate source of construction costs.

The most accurate current costs are from IGG

IGG calculates indices for costs in each area of construction and apart from straight building costs we also provide additional costs. This includes a small section on civil works and an additional cost table for fees, permits and other relevant charges, the sum total of which will give you a good idea of your total construction cost. There is a parallel product for civil works (see; GWW) presenting a range of typical civil constructions. In both cases the online programme comes with an annual handbook, the models in which are replicated on the site to give an instant, current reference price. If you want instant access to the site, check the other areas of the website and should you have any questions of queries please contact IGG.


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