Investment cost

The total cost of a project is not limited to construction costs alone. To calculate the total investment in addition to the construction there are many other factors to consider. The costs of land, equipment, charges, preparation, finance, ancillary costs and private costs of the developer and so on. Each project is different and merits an individual approach and a clearly defined pathway to create a clear, unambiguous definition of those costs.

Understanding the total investment cost

IGG Bointon de Groot calculates the total investment cost of your project comprehensively and clearly. Our investment programme, developed over many years based on our experience introduces these costs in an individually itemised manner. With this complete and well-founded overview of the investment it is possible to identify and understand the appropriate budget for each part of the project. Such information compiled in this manner ensures that your planning is based on objective facts  to give you full control.

A clear overview to monitor your investment

To keep control of costs at all stages the IGG Bointon de Groot investment monitoring model, once finalised is the master plan. At each stage we can oversee and report on all financial data with regards to budgetary performance. Periodic reports are prepared with regard to the financial situation and the ongoing forecast of the total cost can be updated. Thus you will know the financial situation of the project and can act rapidly to eliminate delays, overruns and other items which can affect the project.

If you have questions about our investment programme or want to make an appointment with one of our specialists you can always contact IGG.

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