Industrial building costs

The construction of industrial buildings differs from other buildings and requires a different approach. Several key cost elements such as the surface area, height, capacity, location are often more important than services and level of finish, all of which can significantly affect the cost. Over 25 years IGG has had extensive experience of industrial and commercial construction as well as civil engineering. The erections of industrial constructions are often very rapid requiring tight schedules reflecting a balance between time, cost and quality.

Quick indication of industrial building costs?

Look at our online product and Both these sites offer several costed models of typical industrial constructions allowing for variations and options which gives a handy reference point from which to start your deliberations.

The added value of using IGG

IGG strongly believes in the value of integrated cost advice, never more important than in the case of warehouse or commercial property. This is where our experience allows us to rapidly seek solutions and alternatives to avoid cost overruns. Our specialists have wide experience and moreover IGG is particularly effective in managing the construction of warehouses etc. from feasibility through to architect and contractor selection and tendering right through to completion. On budget and on time.

 Need advice for industrial building construction?

IGG has an extensive database of such projects so we can use our accumulated knowledge not only to provide you with better support but the use of our unique online software offers a quick, clear, accurate indication of current costs, not previously available. With the products and costing tools we offer you can quickly formulate the outline of your requirements from which the team at IGG can help you refine the details of your project.

If you have specific questions about our services, or if you are curious about the possibilities and expertise we can bring to the cost management of industrial buildings please ask us. Please look at our website which will give you an idea of our previous projects, for an appointment please contact IGG.



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