Cost engineering

Investment costs in construction projects can increase rapidly if uncontrolled. There are several reasons for this in the development, preparation and execution of a project; for example, unexpected costs can occur and here the subsequent action from management plays a decisive role. To keep your budget under control, it is important that you have as much insight into the total cost spectrum. Cost engineering is an excellent solution in this area.

In cost engineering we not only look at the cost causes inherent in the scope and planning of the intended project but also at the economic risks of that that project. This high resolution programme and methodology makes it the ideal tool for cost engineering projects effectively and efficiently.

A modern approach to cost engineering

The term cost engineering suggests that the area is mainly based on numbers. In practice, however it is a different picture. Cost engineering covers all parts and phases of a construction project and requires using our experience by drawing upon a wide range of disciplines. Calculation therefore provides only part of the answer. As modern construction projects are increasingly complex they are therefore better served by an inclusive approach that takes into account all possible factors and variables.

This integral form of cost engineering is the trademark of IGG. Our consultants combine years of experience in construction economics with an extensive knowledge of project management, design processes and planning methods to offer the right support.

Integrated cost engineering for each project

If you are in the exploratory phase of a construction project the sooner you apply effective cost engineering  the easier it will be to effectively manage your construction costs. Our integrated approach to cost engineering provides not only a clear picture of all economic aspects of your project, but also offers practical perspectives to quality, cost and time optimisation. As an independent consultancy IGG can always be relied upon to give you the right answers.

Have questions about cost engineering, or want to make an appointment with one of our specialists? You can always contact IGG.

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