Construction cost per m³

In all construction a unit of measure is important in order to have any accurate comparison of costs. Traditionally m² is the preferred unit, but there are other measures such as price per m³. M³ is an unusual unit but is convenient for measure of works often calculated on a volumetric basis rather that an area unit. This specifically applies to demolition, air conditioning, air handling,  storage and sustainability issues, such as air changes and carbon in use. In all cases the comparison like for like in m³ rather than m² will still present a comparative relationship between options.

The IGG team can convert costs to an m³ measure rather than m². On the basis of your drawings and requirements and with as much detail as possible about the overall picture of the project we can construct our results to your required format.

Need an online estimate of construction costs per m³?

With Construction costs IGG already provides a direct online source of the typical construction costs in m³ for various typical constructions. The key figures are updated quarterly by our specialists, and offer optimum current costs for calculating your building costs per m³. Similar information is available in the same format on the multi country/language site Construction Costs EU.

On what are the construction cost per m³ based?

Spatial layout, materials, workmanship – the construction cost per m³ includes everything ultimately to be delivered by the builder. An overall general impression is that the construction cost per m³ is therefore derived from standardised aspects such as building type, function and terms of use. This is not necessarily so as seldom are projects ‘standard’ – each construction project is different, and a construction expert should always take into account the intended purpose. Therefore IGG uses an integrated approach to construction advice.

Direct insight of construction costs per m³

IGG has over twenty five years experience in construction cost advice. We have been involved in various national and international projects, and have knowledge and expertise in residential, commercial and restoration works. Our specialists therefore have direct access to all disciplines involved in the calculation of your building costs per m³. The costing per m³ is an unusual unit but our experience enables us to provide cost on that basis if required.

Want to know your building costs per m³? Or do you have any questions about other aspects of your building project? For construction cost advice, planning advice and building economic studies you are always welcome to contact the team at IGG.  For the non-Dutch clients the variations and different methodologies may be confusing, but with our assistance we can help you get it right.




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