Construction costs

The management of modern construction projects is a complex issue as there are balances and trade-offs for all situation. The three factors that are interdependent are  time, quality and budget and there are few decisions whereby a change to one does not affect the others. Such management becomes a manifestation of skill and experience but having professional advisers with the understanding required is where you will appreciate IGG’s advice. An apparent dilemma – cost reduction versus quality improvement  seem a contradiction but it need not be the case. Every construction project has a unique set of costs, risks, solutions and opportunities, so effective construction management set in place at the earliest possible stage can bring ideas and methodology to ensure that the project can be precisely controlled. The method adopted by IGG has been developed to control and refine the management process and our vision of controlling building cost  gives you the insight you need to successfully complete any construction project.

The benefits of integrated construction management

Estimates, budgets and specifications in construction cost management are only part of the larger whole. Preventing cost overruns is only one factor in management; seeking and exploiting opportunities and realising them effectively  is also vital. We believe that construction cost management should always control the entire process.

The IGG team specialises in integrated construction management. Our consultants have years of experience with the complexities of construction projects, and have the knowledge needed for each phase of a construction project to optimise all parts. Whether it comes to the choice of materials, the design, the cost ratios of specific building systems or selecting architects and contractors – the advisers IGG always find the right solution.

Opting for IGG construction cost management?

Want to reduce the uncertainties and risks within your building project? Do you want better, effective  cost-effective management and to attain your objectives? IGG Building Cost Management guarantees that your project stays within budget, is finished on time and is a success.

Active and dynamic participation from the start coupled with a clear dedicated independent management team for construction projects of any size is what we offer. We have experts in each field required and can construct the ‘dream’ team, perfect for your requirements.

Looking for more information about IGG Building Cost Management and want to know more about the value we can add to your project? Please contact the team at IGG. We are always ready to discuss and help with any aspects of your project.

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