Construction costs per m²

For a project to succeed it is essential to assess the likely cost, and the simplest way to do that is to quantify costs in terms of a cost €/£/$ per m². This allows a direct comparison so a budget can be set, monitored and managed. Budget overruns may force you to make concessions on the quality and scope of a project. The risk of enforced changes or delays increases the construction cost per m² which is why professional cost advice can be so worthwhile.

IGG aims to minimise this risk and to keep your objectives within realistic, attainable limits. Our construction experts make a balanced, considered budget based on a construction cost per m² and so can indicate potential problems and advise on solutions in advance.

Need an estimate of building cost per m²?

With the Construction Costs programme IGG provides an online source of the typical construction costs for various construction projects. The consultants at IGG monitor and update the price book figures each quarter, so they always present the current, accurate building costs per m². Our online costing programme allows you to change the unit of currency to any one of 22 currencies so you may have your costs presented not only as $/£/€ per m²  but in whichever currency you select.

Calculation of building costs per m²

Other than the construction cost per m³ the construction cost per m² is the best, universally comparable figure. In determining a construction cost based on m² there are a number of factors which play a role in that calculation so cost maybe calculated on gross floor area, gross internal area, usable area etc. The IGG team takes all relevant factors into the calculated construction cost per m² and presents them in the format most agreeable to you.

Clarity for construction costs per m²

IGG works using an integrated approach to construction advice based on a real understanding of your vision, ideas, and considerations. Working using your required parameters and definitions we can create a definitive study upon which to base the calculations. This gives you the assurance that the construction cost per m² is not just a snapshot, but an informed illustration of the realistically presented costs at every stage of your projects.

If you have any questions or would like more details  of how we can help you please contact IGG.






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