Construction cost calculation

The basis of all our work is providing accurate current cost advice in a clear unambiguous form. Your project  is important and we want to ensure that you have sufficient confidence that your overview of the costs is confirmed as being within the parameters you have set. This certainty  begins with our calculation of the construction costs as that defines the project.

From initial design and planning to implementation the feasibility of a development project is important at every stage. The calculation of construction costs is a fundamental element in the provision of IGG advice – it is the core of the financial feasibility of your project and gives a clear picture of ways to manage the whole process better. The integrated methodology  adopted by IGG makes us uniquely suited to calculate and control  your building costs.

An integrated approach to construction cost calculation

When calculating your construction costs IGG looks beyond the plain maths. What the numbers tell you is only part of the story – the rest is asking the right questions! What is not in the picture? Why should a part of the design cost so much? What are the risks related to your goals, and what alternatives can be used for this purpose?
Conventional calculation methods provide insufficient answers to these questions yet they can still greatly affect the feasibility of your project. The cost consultants at IGG calculate your construction costs in an integrated manner – proactively, transparently and with attention to hidden details. By letting IGG calculate costs for you you can be sure you will not get nasty surprises.

IGG helps you calculate costs clearly and precisely

Clarity, commitment and openness are the core values of IGG. We tailor our services to match your requirements so we are able to calculate your building costs to match your needs and goals, working closely with you. Whether you wish to calculate the initial construction costs  or monitor all or part of a project or have  need of interim advice  or a final assessment for all jobs large or small we have the  specialists to help.  We have a very diverse range of expertise  and have experts to match all your possible requirements with the necessary knowledge and experience to  present you with accurate and current calculations.

Are you looking for an independent reliable, dynamic cost  consultant ? Do you need help and advice for the Netherlands market from a practice that is fully bi-lingual with an understanding of the working practices of both countries?  If you have any questions, specific or general,  please contact us at IGG.

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