Car parking construction costs 

Are you involved in the construction of parking facilities? Parking provisions have become increasingly complex, not so much for their direct construction but for the regulatory and environmental framework. We have been involved in many parking projects and as the projects have ranged from new build and conversion to strip-out and refurbishment – we have a lot of experience. Among the local regulations and controls there is no’ one size fits all solution’. Zoning and planning may insist that new office blocks have one or two levels of underground or semi-underground parking provision. What are the options and requirements? Which councils require above ground parking and which require underground construction? Do you invest in sustainability? Are there implications for the budget from location -which may include demolition, spoil removal, working hours permitted in the area of the project? These questions all have huge implications for the cost and having an early discussion with us will help you decide how to structure your project. Smart methods and previously tried and tested ideas and plus our experience can guide you through what can be a difficult experience.

Direct experience of parking facilities?

Fortunately, with IGG you have available a team which has a lot of experience and can guide you through a potentially difficult subject. Our civil and engineering experience compliments our cost expertise to provide an integrated approach to parking.Parking construction projects are all different so our team is always custom selected to suit. IGG listens carefully to your aims and requirements and puts together a dedicated team which is pro-active and coupled with our practical approach it works well.Our service is the result of over twenty five years experience of providing construction advice. With IGG you can always on an independent, relevant perspective, and get access to all the expertise you need for your project.

Further information on typical costs

Our construction cost databases Building costs and our multi country/language site Construction Costs EU have a good selection of models of typical parking installations. The presentation allow for differing levels of quality and fittings plus additional costs and recommendations for alternative parking management equipment. This product has been specially designed and developed by IGG. By utilising the current cost programmes you have a very handy reference point for your initial deliberations. For the non-Dutch clients the regulations and complexity for parking constructions can be a real nightmare but with IGG you will have the experience on your side to guide you through the complexities, please contact.




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