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To control the costs of your building project already under way and to keep it on budget it is important that you always have accurate, current cost information available. There will be times when changes will need to be made and having an instant source of cost information that can calculate those costs immediately is invaluable. The beauty of our online system is that proposed changes can be costed quickly allowing options to be compared and tested, relying as previously required on books and manuals is slow, is not automatically updated and further does not recalculate figures immediately. This does!

The online construction cost tools IGG from offer a selection of choices and present versatile options ensuring that you always have relevant, timely information available when you need it.

All the construction costs at your fingertips

IGG has developed several tools for online construction cost calculation and checking. Our online database is a massive compilation of the cost of different constructions of all types with current costs indicated so can provide immediate answers for all parties involved in the construction sector who want to know. The list below give a briefly explanation of our different cost tools available to you.

Construction costs

Our most popular database has a diverse selection of costed models of different buildings/constructions. There are options to change , modify and add to the presented models to obtain typical costs for your intended project. As the databases are updated each three with current costs the information available to you is absolutely correct.

Construction cost index

By maintaining accurate construction cost databases we have a real time insight into costs, trends and historical records. Over the life of your project or to plan for future costs these indices are invaluable and enable you to plan future budgets with greater realism giving you greater budgetary control. It is possible to include in your calculations the effects of inflation and delays from this accurate source of costs.

Building fees

A simple programme concerning  statutory building fees (in the Netherlands only). When applying for a building permit, you must take into account the local legal fees which vary for council to council. Our Building Fees tool provides the option to calculate the cost in each of Dutch municipalities. This is automatically updated each year by IGG  so that the correct legal costs per municipality are given.

Construction fee calculator

Another online costing tool from IGG (applicable to the Netherlands only). Determining the proper construction fees for an application can be time-consuming and the rates and the legal fees are dependent on the validity of the license. With building costs, municipalities can check the specified construction costs in a short time online  from our database ensuring that they receive the correct revenue due and conversely that you are not overcharged.

European Construction Costs

This is a new database to be launched in March 2013 follows the format of our Construction costs but draws data from a database constructed for each country. This means you can view the construction costs of other countries not only in the language of choice but in the currency which you choose. For example an American can view the cost of constructing a hotel in Greece in English and Dollars, a Russian the cost of an office in Madrid in Russian and in Roubles. See the multi country/language site

Like to learn more about our programs and tools? You can find all information about our products on our website from which you may register and subscribe to whichever programme you wish. You may like guidance about which one of our options may be best suited to your application so our experts are available to advise. Please contact us at IGG.

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