Construction costs

Whatever the  construction project it has a cost and decisions are therefore made on that basis of that cost so it’s control is the key to success. Early decisions concerning the project in terms of the qualitative objectives give several possible answers and so the definition of cost is even more important.  Exceeding the budget can be fatal for your whole project so it is wise to at an early stage to get a firm grip on your construction costs. A professional construction cost estimates  must be the basis of that control.

For more than two decades IGG has been a respected name in the world of building economics in the Netherlands and beyond. Our consultants are familiar with all facets of the construction industry and provide cost estimates for your project to whatever levels of detail you require.

The benefits of integral construction costs

Current technology, clever programmes and in-house accurate databases has moved cost control beyond just being numbers and calculations. More than two decades of  IGG being rather good has enabled us to move into a dynamic world of building economics where our integrated approach coupled with experience enables us to offer our clients an exceptional service.  At IGG we create a team for each client’s project and in a very proactive and detailed way guide the whole process beyond mere cost estimates to  a clearly set out a range of options. This may sound almost unnecessary but by setting out options for time, budget and methodology improvements in areas not obvious may enhance the viability of the project.

We look not only at what is on the drawing, but we also ask the right questions. As a result of which you not only get a detailed breakdown of the cost of your project, but also a clear picture of further possibilities to improve the economics of your project.

Ask IGG for an estimate

Are you looking for a reliable, independent construction cost estimate for your project? That is what we do!  IGG will be delighted to help you and our experience and breadth of knowledge of all categories of construction make us an invaluable partner.  For Dutch and non-Dutch investors, contractors, developers and architects they can rely on us as a one stop shop as we have the contacts and experience to provide the comprehensive service they require.  Our experience with many overseas clients has given us detailed understanding of their requirements and therefore the ability for projects large and small to provide accurate construction cost estimates.

Want to know more about our products, services and the way we work? Look around our website or contact us directly for an initial indication of what we can do for you. Contact IGG.


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