Construction cost calculation

If you are contemplating a building project it is important that you have sufficient confidence that you can achieve your project within the parameters you have set. This begins with the calculation of the construction costs, as that defines the project.

From initial inception and design to planning and implementation the feasibility of a project needs cost control at every stage. The calculation of construction costs is the primary business and expertise of IGG – it is after all the core of the financial feasibility of your project. Our integrated approach however offers more than just costs as our systemised programme is designed to offer alternatives and suggestions for the smarter implementation and  better management of the whole process. For non-Dutch clients we are familiar with not only the Netherlands methods and procedures but can work with Bill of Quantities; UK style and other countries formats so can therefore prepare documentation in a format with which you are at ease, in English or in Dutch.

An integrated approach to construction costs

Part of IGG is a construction software development company and using their sophisticated programmes we are able to give far greater depth and present more detailed advice than is normally available. With over 1,600 construction professionals using our software you will appreciate that IGG offers not only cutting edge technology but a method for top quality calculation of your costs. However  IGG looks beyond just the plain maths, the numbers created are only part of the story – the rest is just as much about asking the right questions. What is not in the picture? Why should a part of the design cost so much? What are the risks related to your objectives and of course what alternatives can be used? Conventional calculation methods may provide inadequate answers to these direct questions which can in turn affect the feasibility of your project. IGG’s cost consultants approach projects with a much broader view which entails combining a integrated methodology – pro-actively, transparently with an attention to detail based on experience.  IGG  can calculate your construction costs rapidly and accurately so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience and you can rest assured that you will never be surprised!

Versatile advice for construction costs

Are you about to start a project? Would you like to investigate the feasibility of a project? Are you considering a project in the Netherlands/Benelux? Would you like to discuss options you may have in mind and see if we can help you cost a range various options? The current climate in construction had reduced margins and the need for even greater care for cost control has become even more important. Whatever stage you are in our experts will be delighted to answer your queries, specific or general, to show how IGG can help you. Please browse through our site, you will find a great deal of useful information but please feel free to contact us . We never forget  we are paid to be right! Contact IGG for further information.


IGG Bointon de Groot launch the European Construction Costs at MIPIM 2015
The 2015 edition of the popular ECC (European Construction Costs) database is launched on the stand of BOPRO of Belgium at the Belgian National pavilion at MIPIM on Wednesday 11th March. In its third year this handy construction cost database, which now includes even more countries (18) presents accurate current costs in a convenient costed...

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New signs installed at our office
Today the contractors have installed the new signs at our new office in The Hague

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Barack Obama visits the Rijksmuseum, thanks to IGG !!

Nick Bointon

Barack Obama visits the Rijksmuseum, thanks to IGG !!
Have you seen it ? So has Barack Obama , President of the United States of America who appreciated the newly opened Rijksmuseum aided by the budgetary control of IGG. In 2002 IGG was commissioned by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos , of Hoogevest Architects, Arcadis and Rijksgebouwendienst for the construction cost management for the conversion, refurbishment and extension...

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