Independent real estate appraisals


Within the real estate market a significant change in recent years has been the in the appraisals sector. Feasibility is more than just the value but cost in use, carbon (built-in and in use), eco requirements, impending regulatory changes and sustainability all of which have a bearing on the viability of existing structures. New thinking, new requirements and even public perception all impact decisions. These other factors have changed the longer term construction cost methodology even to the extent of quantifying the eventual demolition/removal at the end of life of the structure previously not part of any construction plan. IGG has been involved in these matters for some time and has evolved a new presentation of these considerations in a realistic and comprehensive form. Recycling, conversions and renovations have grown in importance to the extent of creating a sector nearly as important as new build.

Guaranteed quality

IGG Bointon de Groot BV are independent and guarantee to offer an objective and realistic appraisal of real estate valuations and options.

  • Valuation of property values
  • Costed options
  • Reinstatement values
  • Business valations appraisals



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IGG Bointon de Groot is an active partner in the built environment. IGG follows
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