When developing plans for a new project the economic feasibility needs to support a clear vision of the overall concept. In the initial stages there may be several options and possibilities and it is the skill of the client supported by profession advisers to review the suggestions. Whether it is a new real estate or civil project IGG can generate some cost indications to help create an overview to allow the plan to be developed, especially from an economic viewpoint. By bringing together your thoughts and requirements and introducing a costing element we can define your project, the culmination of which will be your commercial decision if the investment looks sufficiently attractive to proceed. IGG has much experience of working on initial project development and a clear understanding of the different interests and responsibilities within a typical project. We are actually rather good at these types of investigations and an accumulation of many years of active participation and experience in this field makes us the adviser of choice for many clients. Please contact us in the initial phase of any project you are contemplating as we can gladly offer you our knowledge and experience from the start. You may find that we have the answers!

Planvisie; an integrated approach for a project

Our involvement in developing construction industry software has enabled us to create some dynamic programmes which allow options and related costs to be generated as changes are made. This makes the initial costing of concepts and options an easy and dynamic process and by having access to other disciplines we can offer a ‘whole project’ development service converting your concepts into costed models for further consideration. ‘The advantage of this integrated approach is currently very popular. More projects are now strip-out and refurbishment and having much experience and knowledge of this area we have accumulated an exceptional understanding of the requirements and are well aware of the best methods, likely costs and the way to proceed for the best results. The need to attain higher levels of sustainability and higher grades of certification introduces an interesting consideration into these areas and new methodology and technical considerations have and are being developed to ensure that the best results are achieved. The assumption that such upgrades and improvements are expensive can be misleading. The very fact that yields and income can increase significantly changes the return on investment and longer life and reduce whole life-cycle costs have changed the dynamic in this sector. Our innovative programmes give another dimension to planning such ventures and you will find that IGG has some ideas and thoughts that could prove very interesting. It is easy to litter our descriptions with words like visualise, concept, innovation, initiative but we have genuinely organised our Planvisie programme to offer you ideas and costed feasibilities you may have otherwise missed.

Please contact us at IGG and ask how our Planvisie may be able to help you further. You will like our ideas and our experienced team can guide you through the process to offer you the beast advice.

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