Construction projects are only undertaken on on the basis that there will be a positive financial result! This is of course the margin between revenue and costs and management and the organisation can only achieve this by understanding the project in detail and applying relevant knowledge. Put crudely increasing the margin available is the direct result of reducing costs or increasing revenue. An integrated approach to the feasibility is one of the specialties of IGG. Our team is actively involved in the optimisation of projects on all fronts and being aware of the different possibilities based on expertise gained over many years. IGG is able to provide a complete solution for the presentation of a financial feasibility study. Would you like to know how we prepare financial feasibility studies?  Please speak to out team at IGG. In the current climate we are often asked to make several feasibility studies to review a multiplicity of options available for a site. Typically on an Amsterdam site we recently produced four costed options for a project to utilise an existing building. Our costed options were 1/. Retail plus office above. 2/. Retail plus serviced offices 3/. Retail plus Hotel above and finally 4/.Retail plus accommodation above.  All options reviewed varying levels of renovation and remodelling. Our knowledge of the commercial aspects of property in Amsterdam and Rotterdam enabled us to bring in anticipated yields into the study in addition to straight construction costs. This is typical of the breath of experience IGG can bring to your project.

A unique approach to a feasibility study

A feasibility study is not merely a set of costs and revenues. A feasibility study within the modern construction industry requires the inclusion of much more expertise covering various fields of engineering plus regulations to gain insight into the needs of the client. The essence of a feasibility study is not the outcome at a given time, but in the vision of ultimate potential of an optimal plan!
The team at  IGG always adopts a proactive approach. We look beyond the plain construction costs and combine different disciplines to optimise our services for your project, you success is our success. This unique vision we have of the feasibility is to overlook nothing and include everything – by so doing you are assured that you have the best current, accurate advice.

Plan optimalisation

Within the world of construction economics IGG has a special track record due not only to the knowledge and experience of our consultants, but also the dynamic involvement by IGG in every one of their project. For each recommendation we go one step further by giving a glimpse of a further optimisation that could be available. We do not restrict ourselves costs reduction  in many cases it is possible that higher quality leads to even higher yields with a positive financial result.

Are you looking for a comprehensive feasibility study? Please contact our team at IGG and let us tell you about our services and options available to you.


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