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BIM has an increasingly important role in professional building design and management. With BIM the various stakeholders are able to input data into a common model but the situation can arise that each contributor can make inputs into the retained model and therefore contribute to the whole without coordination. The question becomes; who is the model ‘host/owner’ and who will be the overseer of the flow of information to resolve the possible conflicts that may result? The architect normally seems to be, in principle, the designated person, as he lays the foundation for the design and BIM. This can carry a risk however, as the architect must in addition to overall control of the model take care to coordinate his own input. In a conflict between inputs of different advisers is possible that the architect (as adviser and manager of the model) is not actually free to act independently. Example: an architect could change materials unaware of other advisers’ minimum requirements. For large projects, an independent manager of the BIM can add value for controlling the model for completeness, accuracy and resolving conflicts.

An independent BIM manager?

The task of an independent BIM manager is not complicated and can be very effective and has the advantage of being at arms length, it also defines from the first stages the responsibilities.

Tasks of the BIM manager:

  • drafting BIM Plan;
  • preparation of Requirements of the required inputs;
  • tuning effect level;
  • assessing and managing conflicts.

Would you like to know about the possibilities of using IGG as a BIM manager?

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