Building economics

Construction projects almost automatically give rise to many tricky questions. How feasible is the proposed development? What are the hidden costs, how can they be recognised, when can they arise? How long does it take for your investment to be recovered? These are all important considerations, which ideally should be defined as early as possible. That is not always easy – Building Economics is therefore a valuable tool.
Building Economics is concerned with all economic aspects of construction projects – from planning, design and implementation to the completion. The better the definition and accurate planning undertaken so the  understanding of the economics of  your project will ensure optimum results. This is an area where the IGG team can help.

Building economics – understanding

Building Economics is a summation of many diverse components and specializations. Every project in the construction industry utilises some of these specific disciplines – from construction to restoration, construction economics is relevant everywhere. A purely mathematical approach, though useful rarely provides the desired outcome; construction costing is not only a matter of knowledge, but also finesse, empathy and imagination, and of course experience helps!
IGG  uses an integrated approach to building economics. Our advisers look beyond numbers and always look for the underlying essence and an understanding of the project. Whether it comes to the selection of contractors,  choice of materials or construction methodology – IGG provides a detailed understanding of all the costs and offers practical solutions to avoid potential risks and cost overruns.

Building economics in practice

Building Economics is hugely relevant at the moment, whole life-cycle costs, running costs and other considerations have given rise to many exciting new products and methods. Serious concerns for the environment and sustainability requires an active and dynamic monitoring of current practice. In the field of building economics, every project is different and being in the Netherlands, very much at the cutting edge of new technology, enables us to be part of that important thrust for improvement and innovation.

The Building Economics team at IGG has experience with projects at every level, from large-scale international projects to small local area development. Our broad background as an independent building cost consultancy gives us the unique opportunity to contribute to each project and be ready with elegant, and correct solutions for each. Your wishes, requirements and objectives are always our first consideration and you will find our active consultations and full engagement is a core feature of our service.

Want to know more about building economics, or do you have specific questions about a building project? Contact IGG, and discover how our expertise in Building Economics can be of use to you.

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