Our method

The construction sector is a dynamic environment – every building project brings a new mix of challenges, budgetary issues and specialities. In reality there is actually no such thing as a standard building, each one, however similar is different and so a suitably designed approach is required for each one. At IGG we are always looking for the right way to undertake your work so with our experience we are able to put together a dedicated team which emcompasses  all the skill and resources we consider necessary to achieve the required result.
We believe in an efficient approach: the use of the right expert undertaking the precise function needed -that adds the most value to our offer. Our teams  therefore undertake each project as a separate and individually crafted item drawing in the skill, records and methodology best suited to give the correct advice. But we go beyond assuming that this is the best way by running a professional audit of  all our works to answer one basic question. How did we do?  We monitor our results very actively to ensure that we achieve the best results – every time.

Always one step ahead

To be able to manage a construction project, it is important that you are accurately informed about your construction costs. A strong grasp of the budget of course gives you the ultimate control  over the whole scheme but mere calculation alone is not enough. A construction budget or feasibility study offers insight into the numbers, but this needs to be translated into practical solutions and a range of options and alternatives in reserve enables  dynamic and flexible actions and reactions to keep everything on track.
The construction cost consultants IGG provide suggestions for the ideal formula for success but also take this one step further. Our years of experience in the construction industry has given us a unique perspective on construction cost management data so whereas we may suggest what should happen we also present what could happen! By having margins and realistic alternatives and suggested responses in reserve. You could call this trouble shooting in advance  – but forearmed is forewarned.

Clarity and comittment

Effective construction management rests above all on understanding – not only of the figures, but also the precise goals you have in mind. This understanding requires close cooperation and discussion to refine and define precisely what you want. It is better to ask too many questions rather than too few!  Integrity, clarity and commitment are the most important terms to descride the core principles of the  way IGG  works. Our team leaders act a as very engaged interlocutors as we know that  close cooperation as engendered by the way we work produces results to our customer satisfation. Together we can!

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