Feasibility analysis

Construction projects require large investments – design, planning, implementation and management, even in small projects entail high costs. Cost overruns can have disastrous consequences for the financial position of parties who are involved in the construction. New construction, restoration and area development projects should therefore always be tested with a feasibility analysis.

Because of the important role that the feasibility analysis plays in the decision-making on projects is an accurate, professional approach to be of vital importance. The long experience of our consultants IGG has the knowledge and expertise required is brought, and enables us to any construction project for a comprehensive feasibility analysis be performed.

Why is feasibility analysis important?

Every construction project is a unique composition of ambitions, objectives, costs and benefits – better balance these factors can be, the better the result. During a feasibility analysis, all of these aspects at an early stage of the project are discussed, highlighting whether the goals within the limits of the project can be achieved. A building is more than a calculation – the cost not only play a role, but also the needs of the users.

The value of a feasibility analysis is great, precisely because it is not limited to responding to building economic issues – a feasibility analysis has indeed also invaluable feedback on the technical specifications, design criteria and qualities of the project.

Questions about Feasibility analysis

Want the feasibility of a planned construction project measure, and locate an independent adviser, the feasibility analysis can perform for you? Then you are at the right place IGG. We specialize in comprehensive feasibility analysis, and help you to determine the optimal approach for your project to be determined. Commitment, professionalism and attention to your needs and goals are the most important features of our services.

Have questions about our process, or to make an appointment to explore the possibilities of a feasibility analysis to explore? Please telephone or via the website contact IGG. Our team is ready for your project.

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