Construction cost advice in Amsterdam

Are you looking for construction cost advice in Amsterdam? The IGG advisers can help you and with more than twenty five years experience in projects in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands we are very familiar with the local market and are well placed to offer the benefit of our broad experience. Amsterdam to us is like a small village and there are not many areas where we have not worked nor have ongoing operations. To learn more about our unique way of working and our Amsterdam experience please contact us so we can tell you more

Integrated construction advice from IGG

Calculations, budgets and feasibility studies are excellent tools for managing projects, but they do not tell the whole story. IGG’s construction consultancy in Amsterdam is always one step ahead – we think about your project in a holistic way and feel we can contribute alternative solutions and options within your budget whilst being clearly focused on your objectives. Our years of experience of construction in Amsterdam and our knowledge and expertise at a high level enable us to rapidly assess the right angle for your project. We always construct a team from our specialists matched to your requirements so economists, financial and legal specialists are easily added to our core cost advice team.

Your partner for construction in Amsterdam

Are you involved in the construction of new homes? Do you want to effectively manage the construction project? Have questions about the restoration of a historic building, and looking for an experienced consulting partner who can support you in this? IGG has very broad experience of construction in Amsterdam and look at our reference projects clearly demonstrates the impressive scope of our Amsterdam works. Residential, commercial, restoration, civil engineering, reconstruction we are there! At IGG always have a solution for your problem.

Please contact one of our advisers at IGG and make an appointment to discover just what we offer in an Amsterdam context

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