Since it’s inception IGG has established itself as a leader in the complex area of modern construction costs and economics. The specialty of IGG, based on long experience coupled with clever cutting edge technology is getting it right!  Experience and modern methodology has changed the scene for us from being mere calulators to becoming a respository of smart knowledge. Put simply it means eliminating problems from a deep understanding based on experience, not just reacting when things occur.  The structure and way the company works as interactive teams is much appreciated by our clients, many of whom have relied on us for decades but do not rest on our laurels but enjoy creating and  utilising the latest products from our software division for your benefit.

This approach is why IGG is proud to have been chosen as a partner for such a large and diverse selection of the following clients and projects. Contact us at IGG and let us discuss what we can do for you.


IGG Bointon de Groot

Adres : Prinses Catharina Amaliastraat 32
2496 XD Den Haag
Post : Postbus 85767
2508 CL Den Haag
Tel : 070 514 54 20
Fax : 070 514 32 31
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Our partners

IGG Bointon de Groot is an active partner in the built environment. IGG follows
al trends and developments. Some of our important partners: